3 minute read

I designed this neckwarmer last year for my friend’s birthday. Within 48 hours, I had spun and knitted it. I could not find a decent set of buttons in my st...

Skinny sari scarf

1 minute read

A couple of weeks ago, I knitted nearly a whole scarf at a conference. It’s a new bad habit of mine. Eh.

Pierrot’s Scarf

1 minute read

I live in Montreal where winter can be very rude at times (like -30C in January). On one of those freezing evening, I was waiting for the bus with my friend ...

Feather and fan shawl

2 minute read

My sister in law got married this summer, and I bought a new dress for this special occasion. It was a beautiful sleeveless blue and green silk dress with su...

Conference baby hat

3 minute read

As I already said, last week I was at a conference. In fact, I attended various symposia for four days in a row and sitting on an straight chair for several ...

Mom’s mitts

1 minute read

My favorite hand-warmers for everyday use is an hybrid between mittens and fingerless gloves. The fingerless part is useful to manipulate my keys, bus pass, ...