Nanotube mitts

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Ever seen a sheet of graphene? Carbon atoms in a sheet of graphene assemble into an hexagonal lattice, which resembles a honey comb. Take a sheet of graphene, roll it and you’ve got a pretty fine nanotube. [Extra info : Depending on the orientation you roll it, the nanotube will have different configuration (zig-zag, armchair or chiral) which will determine it’s physical properties, e.g. if it’s a metal or a semiconductor, etc.]

Take a slip-stitch honey comb patern, knit it in the round and you’ve got a pretty fine knitted “nanotube” (with a zig-zag configuration, if I might add).

Add a ribbed cuff, a thumb, a little shaping and some extras and you’ve got a mighty fine nanotube mitten! The slip-stitch pattern is also reminiscent of fish scales or turtle shell, which is fine too.

Stay tuned for the pattern!