T-shirt upcycling tutorials

less than 1 minute read

I have a bunch of old t-shirts I would want to put to a better use. Some of them are to big and boxy for me to wear, some of them are too small and some of them are too worn out. I scavenged the web to find ideas of how to upcycle a t-shirt into something else, be it wearable or useful around the house. Here are my favorites, in case it might give you a good stating point with your own project.

A recycled t-shirt necklace. It’s super easy, fast and I made one in 20 minutes yesterday. Tada!

A colorful tote bag

A cardigan with a crocheted button band

Make a cute skirt.

Make a pillow.

Leave the t-shirt as-is but hide a stain or an ugly logo with crocheted flowers or another embellishment. Or screen print on it. Or add a crocheted neckline.

Restyle a boxy t-shirt into a halter top, a comfy pair of yoga pants/capri, the “keesha shirt” from the sistahs of harlem, a colorful skirt, a quick and no-sew camisole, a no-sew cute top, a sexy bikini, make a picnic blanket or frame your old band t-shirts.