Baby booties

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Three of my friends are pregnant. Three! A couple of years ago, we were wild party animals (well, sort of) and now we are all settled down, serious and well-behaved. I suppose that it’s a side effect of aging. Anyway, all this baby frenzy is just an excuse for me to indulge into baby knitting. (I’ll get some practice before it’s my turn)

These irresistibly spherical booties are Saartje’s pattern. I’ve tried other baby booties patterns (notably one of Debbie Bliss), but these beats them all, for they are super easy to make (almost fool-proof) and absolutely cute. They will be perfect shower gifts, and I will knit spare ones for charity. Hey, even babies I don’t know deserve a special something knitted with love.

They are supposed to have buttons to keep the straps closed, but I didn’t chose them yet. I guess white ones would do great, but button-shopping is not high on my priority list this week.