Stash enhancement : sari yarn

2 minute read

I skipped a week of blogging because I was away for a conference, but now I am back with this gorgeous new acquisition :

It is a colorful yarn made of recycled saris. I just love it. I found it at the Cultural Survival Fair in Cambridge (Mass, USA) Saturday and spent a lot of time browsing through their stash, examining every skein to appreciate its own colorway and texture. I finally chose four of them and wondered since what could I do with it.

Just to have a feel of it, I decided to make a very small and quick project. I didn’t find any satisfying patterns on the net for sari yarn, so I improvised this necklace :

I like how it turned out, and I had a compliment on it today, so I guess that it could be of interest for those who would like to pimp their look with an original necklace or make a last minute gift using that sari yarn hibernating in their stash! It is an easy crochet project that goes like this :

Row 1 : Using sari yarn and a 4 mm crochet hook (or other size you have on hand), chain (ch) enough to go around your neck, leaving a tail of about 10 cm.

Row 2 : Single crochet (sc) all the way. Ch 1 and turn

Row 3 : Ch 5 and sc in the 3rd stitch from the beginning of the row. Continue to * ch 5, skip 2 stitches, sc * to form a loopy pattern. At the end of this row, form a loop (by chaining 4 or 5 and sc in the same stitch) that will be the necklace closure. Cut yarn.

Row 4 : Make an additional four loops (centered) by sc in a loop, * ch 8, sc in the next loop * 4 times. Cut Yarn.

Row 5 : Make the last center loop by sc in a loop, ch 10, sc in the next loop. Cut yarn.

Finishing : Attach a wooden bead (with a circumference matching the closure loop you made) to the 10 cm tail you left at the beginning of the work. Weave in ends. Block (wet it with water, lay it flat on a towel, give it it’s final form and let it dry overnight).

When I first wear it, it felt scratchy on my skin, but an hour of so later, it was soft. I hesitate to commit myself to a time-consuming large piece of garment that may end up to be scratchy, so if you have any idea of what to do with this unusual and luxurious yarn, please tell me!