Magnet Galore (pt 1)

1 minute read

One of the successful handmade gift I made was fridge magnets. We all have a bunch of ugly magnets on our fridge gathered from eclectic sources, so a themed set of kick-ass magnets really gives your appliances some flair. They are not only useful on the fridge : they also work on other ferromagnetic surfaces like the stove, white board, metallic file cabinet, etc.

I made a set of marble magnets for my best friend (and some for me too!) with her favorite characters from Rejected, which is also my all-time favorite short film. I firstly attempted to draw the pictures myself, but it has to be so tiny and sharp that I couldn’t do it, with the ink from my fine point pen bleeding a bit on the paper I used. So I printed out the images and made some hand drawn additions to them. I guess it might be against copyright laws to do this, but it was for only 9 fridge magnets that light up my day every time I see them, and I go to every film festival I know of where Don Hertzfeld’s work is presented, so I hope he will not be upset about that.

Having my pictures, I followed the very nice instructions of Not Martha for making marble magnets. I used silicon sealer as the glue and it worked beautifully and doesn’t smell really bad (as super glue tends to do). The marbles are actually the kind of marbles for aquariums or floral arrangements, and I had a pack of 100 for 1$ at my local dollar store. It’s a cheap and easy craft, but all the fun resides in drawing tiny pictures or cutting them out of magazines/postcards/pictures/etc.